Hi, I'm Ari Lamstein.  

I help people do great things with R.

What would you like help with?

Learning R

Want one-on-one pair programming sessions, a private forum and course library? Of course you do - it's the best way to learn R! Check out the R Accelerator.

Building a Portfolio

Finished a cool data project? Want it to move your career forward, and start generating revenue for you? Profitable Portfolios can help.

Choroplethr Support

Need help using choroplethr (my open source mapping package)? Learn about support options below.

Derek Darves, Ph.D. Senior Data Scientist

A Gifted Teacher and Insightful Programmer

Ari is both a gifted teacher and a very insightful programmer -- attributes you don't always find strongly within the same person! He developed a clear plan to advance the R programming skills of our group and boosted our overall competency to the degree he projected in our SOI. In short, his vision matches execution, and he has the skills, insight and experience needed to succeed as a statistical consultant. Thank you Ari!

Learn to Map Census Data in R!

This free course has helped thousands of people learn to do fun and interesting analyses in R.
The course contains 5 lessons and will teach you how to make maps like this:

About Ari

You might know me as the author of choroplethr, the popular R package for mapping open datasets. I've spoken about choroplethr at conferences around the world.

Through my company, Lamstein Consulting LLC, I provide training and consulting services to people using R. 

Before creating Lamstein Consulting I worked as a software engineer and data analyst at various companies in San Francisco.

Have a question about learning R or building a data science portfolio? Contact me.