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Ari is both a gifted teacher and a very insightful programmer -- attributes you don't always find strongly within the same person! He developed a clear plan to advance the R programming skills of our group and boosted our overall competency to the degree he projected.

Derek Darves, Senior Data Scienist

Ari was incredibly helpful as a consultant on my first mapping project. He was patient with my questions and able to clearly explain things, and he worked with me on a tight deadline while I was traveling. I highly recommend him.

Robin Mejia, Journalist

R doesn't have to be frustrating

5 years ago I was working as a software engineer at a startup in San Francisco. We had a ton of data in a MySQL database, and I wanted to understand the data better. I had heard about a programming language called R that was designed for data analysis.

My first year learning R was frustrating. Why? I was teaching myself.

The next year I moved to a company that had a strong culture of data analysis, and started learning R from experts. Soon I was publishing R packages and speaking at conferences.

Now I work as an R trainer and consultant, and help other people take a similar journey.

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We love your privacy and will never spam you